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            Melbourne, VIC

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            Not an attempt to be fancy or french. This is simply a reminder to ourselves that life isn't always about the goal. That it isn't always about achievements or reaching that next level. To enjoy the journey is just as important. Otherwise you end up reaching that goal only to realize that you've missed out on something else. It's the little things.

            I once heard a quote from a World Vision representative that the most dangerous thought is that, "people don't do anything because they can't see how a small contribution can help solve a big issue." Imagine the world as it is today if everyone thought that way.

            We hope you enjoy our journey and maybe find that we have some things in common. After all, we love traveling and food - who doesn't?

            OAHU | HAWAII

            We had never been to Hawaii before but after this visit, we know that we will be back. 

            SANTORINI | GREECE

            Who would have thought that a place would look just like the post cards? Santorini was just that place. 

            MYKONOS | Greece

            The first destination during our trip abroad after our wedding - Mykonos. 

            10 things I have learned from travelling

            10 things I have learned from travelling

            10 things I have learned from travelling

            I've been wanting to reflect on this for a while. I've learned so much while travelling but if I had to sum it up in 10 points ...

            Phuket, Thailand

            Phuket, Thailand

            Phuket | Thailand

            We were in need of a vacation full of R&R. This trip provided it in spades with stays at both the Anantara and Sri Panwa. 

            Tokyo 2018 | Japan

            Our second time in Tokyo, we spent approximately a week here during winter, eating our way through this incredible city. 


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            LB2, Melbourne

            LB2, Melbourne

            LB2 | Melbourne

            The start to the morning is never complete for me without making a stop at LB2 for coffee. 

            Hammer&amp;Tong, Melbourne

            Hammer&Tong, Melbourne

            Hammer&Tong | Melbourne

            Fitzroy is chalk full of brunch spots and this one is a notable. Fantastic coffee at a spot where soft shell crabs are one of their specialties? We're in.

            Shorain, Kyoto

            Shorain, Kyoto

            Shorain | Kyoto

            I never thought of tofu as being the key to a gourmet meal... until this.  


            Beef in Japan, Japan

            Beef in Japan, Japan

            Beef in Japan | Japan

            Japan, who knew you could do beef so well? Had one of my favorite meals of all time here. 

            Sushi Iwa, Japan

            Sushi Iwa, Japan

            Sushi Iwa, Tokyo

            A meal that changed our definition of great sushi forever. 

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